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A busy summer!

A busy summer!

All of the young horses have now been broken and have been cantering on the gallops, jumping poles and going round the woods.

They have been a very straight forward bunch and we are pleased with the progress that they have made and they have now been turned out for a month’s grass.

Whilst they are out, and the yard is relatively empty, we can concentrate on all of the jobs that can’t be done during the height of the season.

This includes washing out, disinfecting and painting all of the stables as well as doing routine maintenance of the various equipment.   All of this is with the focus very much on the horses coming back in in September.

During this quieter time, Oliver is going to be spending three weeks at Sir Mark Prescotts, in order to gain experience and new ideas and techniques.  This is with an eye towards preparing for a future as a dual purpose trainer.

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